Feel free to browse through these questions that we often get asked, or you can email us at info@contagious.co.nz.

Q: Can I download your logo for our event
A: Please feel free to download the following logos to include in your publicity for your upcoming event with Contagious.
To copy a Contagious logo to your computer, right-click the link and click “Save Target As…”.
Download Contagious Logo 260 x 136 pixels (20.1Kb Jpeg)Download Contagious Logo 1000 x 377 pixels (85.6Kb Jpeg)
Q: The venue we have booked is small can you still play in a small room
A: Yes. We have 2 sound & lighting rigs, this gives us the option to play in the smaller venues while still providing a full sound & enough lights to add to the atmosphere
Q: We would like to use a projector for our event which we have hired you for, is this possible
A: Yes. We can supply this for you, there is an extra charge, just email us or enquire on booking us
Q: I’ve looked at your gig guide, and you already have a gig booked on the night I want. So are you really available?
A: Yes. We can find a fill-in band for our pub gig, so that we are available for your event.
Q: Is the lighting rig included in your price?
A: Yes.
Q: Is the sound system included in your price?
A: Yes.
Q: Is transport included in your price?
A: Between Orewa and Bombay, the answer is yes. Outside that is open to negotiation.
Q: Can I come and see you before I book you so I know what you’re like?
A: Yes. Please email us for any public gigs we have on. Most gigs are Private at the moment
Q: Can we choose the songs you play?
A: Yes. Just send us a list of your favourites from our songs page and we will organise them into set lists.
Q: Can you learn a special song for the night, like for the first dance at a wedding, and is this all part of the price?
A: Yes and yes.
Q: Can you do a theme party?
A: Yes, we quite often dress up for theme events.
Q: How loud are you going to be?
A: As loud or as quiet as you want. We are experienced musicians who know how to perform and use our sound system properly to suit your requirements.
Q: We have guests of all age groups at our event. Are they all going to enjoy your performance?
A: Yes. Contagious is renowned for appealing to all age groups. Please take a look at our songs and you’ll see we play a wide variety from the 60s to the latest hits of today.
Q: How much time do you need to set up?
A: Usually around 60-90 minutes.
Q: Can you set up during the day before any guests arrive, and is this all included in the price?
A: Yes and yes.
Q: How long do you play for?
A: We play for up to 4 hours. Each set lasts about 50 minutes, with a 10-minute break between sets.
Q: Can you put CD music on before and after your performance, and is this all part of the price?
A: Yes and yes.
Q: Can we use your microphone and sound system for speeches, presentations, or other performers, and is all this part of the price?
A: Yes and yes, and we have a wireless microphone which allows you extra flexibility.
Q: We’re not sure how long things are going to take, so we may need you to wait for a while before you start performing. Is that ok?
A: Yes. We’re quite used to this, especially at weddings or when there is a dinner beforehand.
Q: We might want our event to go a bit later than we’ve said. Is this ok?
A: Yes. As long as it’s not an all-nighter, we’re happy to fit in to your schedule.
Q: Do we need to feed you or supply you with drinks?
A: No. But we always enjoy participating in events, so welcome any form of inclusion.
Q: One of our guests is epileptic. Can you please refrain from using your strobe lights?
A: Of course.
Q: How can we be sure you’re going to make our night a success?
A: Please take a look at our feedback page. We can also supply plenty of names and contact details of happy clients.
Q: We have booked you for an upcoming event. What size stage do you require?
A: Our minimum stage size requirement is 5 metres wide by 3 metres deep.
Q: Do you have any special requirements of the venue?
A: We have two main ones. Firstly, we require two standard power points on separate fuses – one of our sounds and one for our lights. Secondly, we use a smoke machine as part of our lighting rig, so any smoke detectors in the room will need to be temporarily disabled. Some venues require several days notice to do this.
Q: Can you play CD music through your sound system during your breaks?
A: Yes.
Q: Can Contagious play anywhere in New Zealand?
A: We can play anywhere full stop! If Richard Branson rings up and wants to book us on the first trip to the moon we ain’t gonna turn him down!
Q: How soon should I book Contagious for our event?
A: The sooner the better. We have bookings up to 18 months in advance. It is best to book ASAP.
Q: Can you recommend a venue?
A: We are more than happy to recommend venues. We have played just about every where in the wide Auckland area and know for a fact that some venues are better than others.
Q: Does Contagious use music sequencing or backup tracks for any songs?
A: No way. We are 100% live.